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Churches, Faith-based and Community Education Organizations

We direct special efforts to our faith-based organizations, churches and libraries which target their programs to the underserved.

One of the easiest and the least expensive ways to transform our health is through the food we eat.
We at Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions® believe that one of the most powerful platforms to reach those who need help the most, is through our faith based and community organizations.  

Our Signature Community Education Program is called the Healing Principles of Food.  It is a culturally focused program, designed to teach different and inexpensive ways of using our favorite foods as medicine.  It also includes self-care and reviving and creating healing traditions.

We invite community leaders passionate about grassroots health. We design low cost, freely accessible education programs and initiatives for high risk populations.

Letter to the Community Letter to the Leaders of Faith-based Organizations

“Vilasi Venkatachalam is a phenomenal speaker who captures her audiences’ attention by her quick nutritional and medicinal analogies of living a healthy and economical lifestyle through discovering what may be growing in their own backyard. Vilasi has developed well organized events for the Holistic Mentorship Network, which have given the organization more visibility and recognition that has crossed the border. Vilasi is loyal to her endeavors and aims high to support her clients & the planet in “traditional ways with modern day solutions”. - Linda Mitchell, Founder and Executive Director, Holistic Mentorship Network.


“As a grant writer what I liked about Vilasi was the fact she took time to know me and know my dream.  She was able to take my dreams and put them on paper without changing the mission or the goal. 

Program Development - She developed a program that was out of this world.  To see a dream come true in a short period of time was unbelievable. And to be up and operating with people who knew little to nothing about what they were doing was breathtaking.  We have grown so much from having her in our life.

Evaluations – She spent a lot of time with the program and the women in the program to hear them. Her evaluation was not just based on what she saw but the facts. She listened to them and was able to draw out things they did not know they had learned from our program.”
Clara Robertson, Executive Director, Robertson Resource Center, Inc.