Other Services

Transforming Care and Practices
We custom-design programs for you… some of our offerings include.

Special Nutrition Clinics your patients, onsite or at our locations – These include individual, family and group consultations.

We are fee for service and we offer a complimentary billing service with benefits verification, filing of their bills to their insurance providers.

A 3600 experience of radical self-care for your patients through our immersion  programs
  • Our programs provide the deepest possible exposure to the healing principles of food, culinary and healing traditions that contribute to health, vitality and longevity.
  • Your patients will create their personal food portfolio with menus, recipes and pantry.
  • We weave mind-body techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, self-massage among  other tools .
  • Our programs are 1-7 days long. They are experiential in nature and are a step towards long- term transformation and optimal health.
  • We ignite your Inner inventor and Chef - We will develop your ideas into products such as supplements, shakes, bars, meals.
  • We will design functional food recipes, design dietary protocols and cookbooks for your practice.
We translate nutrition science and research into usable tools for popular understanding.  

“Vilasi's philosophy and approach to using whole foods, and the amazing healing substances they contain, to promote health and wellness is innovative and eons ahead of its time. In the time we worked in together she made a huge impression on me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but our chance encounter would mean the end of my professional mindset as I once knew it. She opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way of looking at wellness as being more than just absence of disease, and ultimately this challenged my core beliefs of how disease is approached and managed within the conventional medical model. I credit her with changing the entire trajectory of my medical career. These days, I pick up my teaching materials more often than my prescription pad. If only other allopaths could be as lucky!” -  Leah Solomon, MD, Functional Bariatric and Internal Medicine  http://www.njweightdoctor.com

"Vilasi has vast knowledge of nutrition and is devoted to sharing information on the healing properties of foods. She simplifies complex information so the audience understands and can practice eating in more healthful ways". - Pat Emanuele, RN, MSN…Nurse at Work /Chubb and Regional Director NJ Association for Occupational Health Nurses http://www.canhelp.org

"Vilasi Venkatachalam is a wealth of information on the use of "food as medicine." She makes whatever she teaches both informative and motivating. Her passion, historical perspective and vast knowledge shine through to inspire those who hear her to take on life-altering healthy eating behaviors. My groups of cancer patients loved her presentation and the delicious foods she prepared, and went home ready to convince family members, as well, to incorporate healthy food combinations into the family's meal plans." - Joan Runfola, LCSW, oncology social worker and Director, CANHELP