“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

- Rumi
I believe that we live in a kaleidoscope of endless, eternally unfolding possibilities.

The shifting motifs of the timeless merging with the evolving wisdom; the sacred with the ordinary; old medicine infused with new; old things in new ways and new things in old ways.

At Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions, we create experiences from a brew of art and science, flavored with creative tension of logic and faith, serenity and passion, flow and friction that delight, inspire and transform Workplaces, Community Circles, and Causes we care about.
We speak, write about secret cuisines and healing traditions. And we champion Brilliant Fresh Solutions.

Our wish for you...

Let your palette be inspired
Let your feet follow the timeless wisdom
Let your imagination defy you
Be the Architect of Your Own Vitality
Thrill yourself , Heal yourself, Teach yourself
Do old things in new ways and new things in old ways
Finally and perpetually, Be Your Own Wellness Guru.

With Appreciation,
Vilasi Venkatachalam and Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions
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